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Young Men with Premature Ejaculation (Ejeculation)

Premature ejaculation very commonly affects young men, in fact it's probably the most common sexual problem experienced by this group of people. Young men quite often find themselves under a great deal of pressure to 'perform', and indeed this creates a certain level of anxiety which is enough to make them feel 'out of control' just before or during sexual acts.

Young adults are quite often sexually inexperienced and because of this - sex tends to be more about performance that actual mutual pleasure. A great deal of 'learning' often comes from the early use of pornography particularly since it's so easily available on the internet and this tends to givea very distorted view on how sex should actually be. This leads quite commonly to performance anxieties and feelings of 'not being up to the mark'.

If you're a young man then don't hesitate to give me a call. Providing you are 18 years of age I can see you on a one-to-one basis and chat about how I can help you in a free consultation. If however you are less that 18 years of age - you may find it helpful to following the tips on controlling premature ejaculation within this website.

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